Polly and Other stories

Polly and Other Stories


Small, rural and urban home-based or community based businesses are unable to tap the mainstream consumers and increase grow their businesses primarily due to lack of access.


Polly and Other Stories offers an online platform to small, home-based businesses along with the resources they need to grow their businesses – from product development and packaging to branding, photography, copywriting and more. Polly and Other Stories is Pakistan’s first online store for unique, hand-made products sourced directly from artisans and small businesses from across the country. They have created a platform for other brands and artisans and they also work with small enterprises to bring them to market. Their vision is to grow into a well-known curated platform that: identifies, supports, documents and works with broad categories of producers, makers, crafters, designers and small enterprises across Pakistan – develop new and innovative products – through training, product development services; market their products and sell them through the Polly and Other Stories online platform and retail store; link with them mainstream businesses in B2B arrangements that result in orders for craftspeople and a shift in current consumer practices that alienate traditional artisans.

Potential to Scale

At present, Polly and Other Stories is working with 1,000 artisans across Pakistan and would like to scale this to 5,000 over the next 5 years. They want to expand Polly products and partner with community groups building their skills, providing equipment or raw materials and product design.