Foster Learning

Foster Learning


Overall 6.2 million of Pakistani youth is suffering from unemployment whereas 78% of the Pakistani employers are not satisfied with the quality of graduates universities are producing.


Foster Learning Pakistan is a social enterprise, which aims at empowering Pakistani youth through continuous training and development, especially soft skills. They have designed a unique entrepreneurial leadership program named as “Foster Flagship Training Program", which focuses on developing the skills, essentially required to have successful career as a professional or as an entrepreneur. They believe that the youth of Pakistan should have: Leadership, Growth Mindset, and Key Job Skills along with Professional skills and Entrepreneurial skills. Their goal is to reach 110 cities of Pakistan; their main target is a student of Government universities with no access to described skills.

Potential to Scale

There are millions of young people being directly affected due to lack of soft skills required to compete with existing job market either by doing a job or starting their own business. Foster Learning is aiming to reach out to 1 million youth per annum.