Roshni Rides

Roshni Rides


Female commuters are suffering from a huge transportation crisis


With the aim to close the gap by formalizing the current pick and drop system through a digital platform, Roshni Rides is an end-to-end enterprise transportation solution. They charge businesses business per seat not per vehicle. With Roshni Rides, businesses only pay for what they need. Roshni Rides recognizes that women in Karachi are 4 times less mobile than men leading to a decrease in independence and job participation. They are working with corporations and universities to bring a more mobile Karachi to women.

Potential to Scale

Roshni Rides has a target market that includes women, school children, and university students that are routine based commuters. In Pakistan, there are 9.9 million commuters who are in need of a safe, affordable, and reliable daily pick and drop service. At a 10% penetration rate, their aim is to capture 1 million subscribers in Pakistan across Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad by the end of Y2 (December 2020).