Problem Briefs

In line with its focus on Pakistan’s critical developmental challenges, Impact Network has prepared five problem briefs, one each on Education, Health, Agriculture, Water and Energy sectors. These two-pager briefs give an overview of the problems in each sector, share some key statistics and cite examples of potential solutions from around the world. This information is frequently shared with partners and other stakeholders in order to steer innovation to solve these problems.

Orientation Sessions:

Impact Network recognizes the potential of youth as future leaders. To harness this potential, we deliver sessions on Social Innovation at our various partner universities across Pakistan. At these workshops, students are educated about the concept of social innovation, its need in today’s world and their own potential to be social innovators.

Policy Stimulation

External policy environment is critical in nurturing an ecosystem as nascent as ours. Impact Network engages with government officials and senior stakeholders of Pakistan’s startup ecosystem to stimulate discourse on the existing gaps in planning, legislature, and funding supply chain for the startup community.