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“Innovations to watch" features high potential companies that have participated in the Impact Network Scale Up Program and have established a proven track record towards achieving scale. who are solving a critical national problem that can impact millions of people.  These Companies must already be generating revenue, and have established evidence of Impact to join the scale up program, and be willing to commit to reaching a minimum of 1 million beneficiaries by the end of the program. 

Scale Up participants work One-on-One with a dedicated mentor for a period of 1 year.

The work involves:

a) Intensive Strategic planning sessions using an international scaling framework to develop a 5 year scaling strategy

b) Access to specialized domain experts and knowledge bases

c) Development of unique scaling partnerships

d) Understanding and planning for organizational growth

e) Understanding and accessing international domain standards

f) Outreach to international partners, including major corporations, domain specialists, and impact specialists

g) Outreach to the public sector and large clients