Research & Consulting Organizations


School of Leadership

School of Leadership (SOL) was setup in 2002 as a social enterprise to unlock potential, stimulate conscious endeavor, and elevate lives by designing interdisciplinary and customized programs and initiatives. Its work aims to be the cornerstone of sustainable development revolving around five thematic areas: Access and Quality Education, Health and Safety, Organizational Development, Citizenship and Peace, and Economics and Livelihood. SOL primarily works with youth, academia, development sector, and communities to actualize their ambitions.

Social Innovation Lab

The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) enables change-makers to build sustainable social enterprises, create ecosystems that support social innovation and push for human-centered policy-making at the highest levels. As part of this effort we run the Hatchery, an early stage Social Enterprise Incubator; the Social Innovation Consultancy (SIC) that offers M&E audits and impact assessment services to organisations dedicated to improving and measuring their footprint Beyond the Buzz(BTB), a research wing that promulgates data-driven, evidence-based strategy & policy making; and SIL Skills, a series of knowledge workshops and immersion programs that seek to benefit the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

SEED Ventures

Founded in 2009 Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development – SEED is an enterprise development organisation, which provides solutions to social challenges, using entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create wealth and deliver positive social impact. SEED Ventures believe in ‘collaborative creation’ and work through strategic partnerships with the education, private, public, financial, and media sectors to create and employ indigenous solutions in the areas of policy reform, holistic research, stakeholder engagement, investments, entrepreneurial training, sustainable enterprise development and financial inclusion.


AGAHI encourages and advises individuals and institutions in pursuing and supporting initiatives to improve the state of development in Pakistan. It works in association with several leading national and international partners focused on creating shared spaces for interactive learning, collaborative thinking, and knowledge sharing. It›s research work mainly focuses on national and international security, ICT, competitiveness, human capital development, and governance. Agahi is at the forefront of devising foresight research and future scenarios work in Pakistan.


Epiphany is an impact consulting firm with a team comprising of development specialists, researchers and entrepreneurs possessing a deep understanding of, and ability to address the most pressing problems of our time. Their areas of expertise include institutional development, financial inclusion, enterprise development, governance, advocacy and dialogue. Epiphany Labs, a set of short-term acceleration programs, provide entrepreneurs with a step-by-step methodology to rapidly and systematically validate their venture’s business model, scale up and prepare for investment.